Ask why our  "Platinum Maintenance" program

is so beneficial to the longevity & efficiency of your equipment 



Is your thermostat set to the correct function, i.e. heating or cooling?  Are your thermostat batteries functioning properly?  

  • Even low batteries can cause thermostat malfunction



Has the power to your furnace been shut off?

  • Check that the appropriate breaker (labelled on your breaker panel) has not kicked

  • Check for blown fuses in an older home

  • Check the furnace power switch (looks identical to a light switch and should be labelled) located at the top of a wall or on the ceiling nearby the furnace

  • Ensure the furnace fan door is on properly.  A faulty furnace fan door will cause the furnace to not operate



Have you checked and/or changed your furnace filter recently?

  • A dirty furnace filter can overheat the heating equipment and cause limit switches to "Pop"



If you have a high efficient furnace, have you checked the intake & exhaust venting which projects through your outside wall?

  • These outside vents can become plugged with blowing snow and/or ice "Hoar Frost", restricting combustion air to your furnace causing it to shut down



Is your furnace blinking a series of LED lights or does it display a numerical code?

  • This blinking series of LED lights or any numerical code from your furnace will correspond with a type of repair in your furnaces manual.  Please have this code ready for us prior to making a call for service.


Should these 5 steps NOT solve your furnace issues, please Contact us

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