Ask why our  "Platinum Maintenance" program

is so beneficial to the longevity & efficiency of your equipment 



Is your thermostat set to the correct function, i.e. cooling?  Are your thermostat batteries functioning properly?  

  • Even low batteries can cause thermostat malfunction



Has the power to your furnace or condenser been shut off?

  • Check that the appropriate breaker (labelled on your breaker panel) has not kicked

  • Check for blown fuses in an older home

  • Check the furnace power switch (looks identical to a light switch and should be labelled) located at the top of a wall or on the ceiling nearby the furnace

  • Ensure the furnace fan door is on properly.  A faulty furnace fan door will cause the furnace & AC system to malfunction 



Have you checked and/or changed your furnace filter recently?

  • A dirty furnace filter will drastically reduce airflow across your evaporator coil causing "freezing" 


Is your Duct System supplying enough "Return Air" to the Evaporator Coil?

  • Blocked return air registers on the main and top floors can cause Evaporator coils to freeze as well. Always try to pull as much warm air from the tops floors across the Evaporator Coil to decrease the chance of freezing and also promote more even temperature throughout the home.



Is your furnace blinking a series of LED lights or does it display a numerical code?

  • This blinking series of LED lights or any numerical code from your furnace will correspond with a type of repair in your furnaces manual.  Please have this code ready for us prior to making a call for service.



Should these 5 steps NOT solve your Air conditioning issues, please Contact

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