Humidifier Installation - Williams Home Comfort - By-pass humidifier for $399

Humidifier - Williams Home Comfort

People spend 90% of their time indoors, maintaining indoor air quality is a modern necessity

Too much moisture can be a bad thing for any home, but no moisture at all is even worse.  Dry air can cause damage to your home and your health.  Breathing passages in your nose and lungs can dry out causing irritation that can lead to nose bleeds, sinus infections and dry eyes.

The damage to your home could include:

  • Structural beams and posts can shrink, causing your floors to sag
  • Hardwood floors, molding and valuable antiques can be ruined by low indoor humidity
  • Static electricity builds up, damaging sensitive electronic gadgets and computer components

Too much humidity can also cause problems. If moisture levels get above 55% – 60%, it can cause condensation problems as well as spread mold and mildew.

Maintaining the humidity in your home at about 35 – 45% avoids all these problems.